Eulogy for my Father-in-law, Journal by Gerard Geiger
Eulogy for my Father-in-law, Journal

Thank you for freeing up some time out of your busy schedules to come here today.

Iím sure Journal would have appreciated it.

All of you here, may have known Journal as either Kristen and Cindyís Father, or Harrietís
Husband; and some of you may have known Journal as a Brother, Stepbrother, Uncle, or as
A Brother-in-Law, or as in my case - Father-in-law.

But, I think, out of all these relationships the common denomenator which everyone in this
Room will agree on, is contained in the most descriptive title or appellation for Journal.

...that appellation is the word FRIEND... and that word, Friend, to me, symbolizes
or describes most closely the relationship I had with the Man, Journal (Big Mac).

Journal was a FRIEND to everyone he met.
He had an irrepressable desire and ability to make new Acquaintances wherever he went, even
if for a short time.

He had a wonderful sense of humor... delighted in telling stories... doing magic tricks... 
And generally fooling around talking nonsense to the children... Those children would howl
And the adults would wince, everytime he mentioned his "good ole rattlesnake stew".

Journal was predictable... he always mentioned that stew... you knew it was coming...
But, that was Journal... predictable... steady... always there... a FRIEND...

He loved to save things... He also liked to root through garage sales... bringing home
His "Prizes" and placing them on the porch or in the basement or garage.
Journal loved to collect things...
But, I never could figure out the THEME he was collecting...

He was interested in everything... and knew a little bit about everything he
was interested in.
Like everything else in his life, he shared his knowledge and experience, freely, with all.

I know, now, that Journal wanted to know a little about everything so that he could help
those around him.
It seems he always felt a deep responsibility for others...
...I guess this was the result of a childhood where he had to grow up early...
To help provide for his sisters and Brother...

Later in life Big Macís wish to help others came out through his years of service
On the Rescue Squad as an Emergency Medical Technician.

He also was very active in the Boy Scouts, as a Scoutmaster, and helped many boys
learn their first lessons about the land they lived on.
He also took this opportunity to practice his storytelling craft and increase
The population of those victimized by his "Rattlesnake Stew".
...His Smokey-the-Bear Scoutmaster cap and camping equipment have been donated
to a needy Florida Scout Troop; the hat is now in a Boy Scout Museum there.

We know Journal  would be happy if he could make those kids a little happier
Through lightening their load...

...But, again, thatís the kind of Man Journal always was... a helpful man... One who
was always willing to pull his weight...
Especially in a time of crisis.  Steady... predictable... friendly...

When Cindy was home, bedridden with placenta previa before the birth of Shawn,  Journal
came everyday for the last two months of her pregnancy to make her and Hillary lunch 
and check to see that everything was okay...

Journal was careful... not for himself...
But, careful to a fault when it concerned all of us... careful for his family and friends.

Journal was sensitive and was prone to random acts of kindness... Iíll relate just one
That I personally know... One day Journal came to lunch at my house and asked 
Cindy if she had any of her old dolls and doll clothes and other Kiddy toys.  He asked
Her to put them in a bag for him.   Journal then related that while looking through a
thrift Store in town,  he talked to a little girl who he had frequently seen there.
Jounal went back to the store and left the bag of toys with the store owner, who knew
the poor girl; with the instruction to give them to the little girl.

That was Journal... He kept me out of a lot of  "fixes"...
He used to come to my house with a bag of parts... old nuts... bolts... a screwdriver, an
Odd wrench size... Weíd sit and have a cup of coffee and Heíd say..."I found a couple
Of things you might need"  and hand me the bag...
I usually said... I donít think I really need any of this "old stuff"...
He would say,  "Just put it on a shelf in your basement,  you never know...
And smile that crafty smile...

You know the one,   the one where he thinks he knows something special that you
donít know...

In truth, I always thought he was a bit ODD in this way,  but
I played along and put the bags on the shelf...
Well, itís about time I confessed.   Out of desperation I have run to those
bags countless times, searching for a crazy part to fix another "homeownerís nightmare"...
And Journal has come through... The part was there...
Somehow he knew I might need it...

That is why Journal bought all those parts at garage sales.....Because Someone might need

He would give of himself and his resources, freely; a FRIEND to all he encountered.

I believe Journal really only wanted to be help.....and he was always
there when he was needed.     You could count on him...

Journal can rest easy... He has helped all who knew him carry their Load.

Weíll miss you... Our FRIEND.

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