On The Retirement of a Co-worker - Musings by Gerard Geiger
Dear Phyllis;                                      Jan 4, 2001

I walked by your desk this morning.
Of course I was on my way to get a cup of coffee.
But since I was in the area decided to stop for a moment.

You were not there...your glasses were not on your desk...there were
no plastic bags of Girlie necessities stuffed on the countertop.
There also were no other fellow workers stopping by to
exchange pleasantries and jibes; their way of showing
their daily respect to a fellow co-worker, confidant,
conspirator and all around compatriot.
I'm sure they also stopped by your desk at different times during the day.
They probably noticed the same lack of life
in that particular corner of Picatinny.

I can only compare it to an intersection where there was a very
busy marketplace, after the marketplace has closed up shop and
moved away.  Everytime I travel past that particular location, I feel
the pull for the attraction that place had offered, but is
now empty, gone; yet the memory of it remains and in some small measure
this memory is enough to fill that place for a shining moment with the
presence of that past attraction when it was in full operation.  

I look around and wonder if anyone else notices this
distortion of space and time at this place.

There is no one else there, Phyllis, but I know
I am not the only one who noticed this phenomena.

Good Luck in your retirement...you've earned it...you
always willingly and graciously lent a helping hand in everything
for which you undertook. In most of these tasks, you just 
recognized the need to become involved and took it upon yourself
to complete them. 

In retirement and life in general you deserve the best...
you steadfastly did your duty and won the trust
and respect of all who know you.

Most of all...Phyllis, You deserve to be missed.

Your corner at Picatinny is still full of fond memories

for all who remember and  politely stop by ...

Take care...and godspeed...


Your Friend,


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