Substance - Poem by Gerard Geiger

Have you accomplished enough tasks from beginning through completion?
Were these tasks stopped because you were done?
Did you expend a grueling period of effort, much more than that for which you originally bargained?
Did you stay with the tasks till they were completed, regardless of eventual commercial success or failure?
Have you loved someone who began as a stranger?
Did this someone eventually become inseparable from your life?
Did you give something to life of your own creation, without bargaining a financial return?
Have you tried to make the world better for this or the next generation?
Have you given a hand-up, as well as a handout, before you were independently wealthy?
Have you been able to trust others?
Have others placed their trust in you?
Will some of your secrets go with you to the grave?
Will others miss you when you are gone?
Have you patiently trained someone in his or her first job?
Have you spent time with others when they were lonely?
Have you talked to strangers when traveling on buses, trains, and planes?
Have you protected the life and property of others, when needed, without being asked?
Have you listened more than you talked?
Have you been a friend and neighbor, conscious of the circumstance and the needs of others?
Have you returned something lost, which you found, to its rightful owner?

If you answered, "Yes" to all of these
You are ready to know...
The Substance of
What YOU make of it, as you do it.
It is not the destination, but the journey.
Not the people you impress, but the people whom you touch.
Not what you own, but what you share. Not who you love, but who loves you.
Not where you went, but how you got there.
Not what you know, but how you use it. already knew that...
Thanks for listening...

Gerard A. Geiger 27 July 2005

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