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"Helping to promote independent poetry websites: ...by submitting a donation to feed this starving artist...you will sleep better and possibly could feel better....at least your small donation will help to equalize the wealth among all residents on planet earth...you will most probably look better... and assuredly will be viewed better by this recipient of your overwhelming generosity, and will always be remembered as the kind, generous, thoughtful, handsome or pretty, benefactor you have become showing a high degree of discriminating taste and wisdom with the methods you use to make a monetary impact on the world you are an active meritorious participant in". The world thanks you, and I thank you....

Gerard A. Geiger

I know this is a tad unseemly....but we may run into people who may want to be a monetary supporter of this art form....shouldn't we offer them an outlet to relieve some of their stress of being rich??



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