PoetLife's Noteable Links Collection Page
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - Bartlett's well known Familiar Quotations
Dictionary - A most underutilized tool by and large...
Infrared Zoo - Amazing Infrared Photo's of Zoo Animals
LearnSuffolk - Great Tutoring, Experienced Teaching Site
Metropolitan Museum - Great, Museum Site
Nagy Engineering - A diversified engineering site - Application Notes, free software
Nature Magazine - Science articles and news, scientific information and jobs
NJ State Library - The New Jersey State Library sytem
New York Historical Society - Great Historical Site
OddMix - A great wintage items collector's site - free software
The Pulitzer Organization - Great Literary Site
PBS - The Public Broadcast System Site
The Antiques Roadshow - Great PBS Show Site
The Maya Ruins - Informative Historical Site.
The Poetic link - for Poetry Sharing and Critique
The WordShop - Interesting Site
The US Government's Official Web Portal - Find any Federal Government pages
Town Creek Indian Mound - State historical site

Patriotic poet - OddMix.com Poet of the Year - Gerard Geiger [8 KB] Read from my published works;

The Complete Poetical Works - First Book
Listening to the Corn - Second Book
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