Adrift in Cyberspace - Poem by Gerard Geiger
Adrift in Cyberspace

In Cyberspace we
are a great archipelago
emails...sending mental flotsam and jetsam
out on the communications sea...

Lonely inhabitants
subsisting through seasons
sending our product as messages,
sans bottles,
to other friendly shores.

Awaiting replies,
like nervous school girls,
wondering whether anyone
has been contacted...
where anything could happen...

Where all avenues of space
are connected as all waters
of the oceans and rivers of earth.
Where anyone could be contacted
who plays for only a moment...

In this grand salmagundi
of beings, awash with a sense
of purpose and self,
wishing to share with others
of like mind and demeanor.

Knowing in our hearts
that the written word
is a window to the soul
and opening this window to
strangers is the ultimate

form of poetic élan
and exhibitionism
for beings marooned
without a friend
called Friday.

Gerard A. Geiger March 23, 2005

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