Eep! - Poem by Gerard Geiger

Erect tail static line.
Hyperactive little creature
Golden brown with buff and
black racing stripes.
Always in a state of indecision...


"What was that noise?"
"Should I run?"
"Maybe I should wait?"
"What If it sees me?"
"Maybe I should go a little further..."

"Eep! too far..."

"..maybe I should
Go back...
.okay,but not all the way...
well, most of the way...."
"Eep! I think I was Spotted...

...wait until they make a move...

No, they are probably watching
...better to keep going.
...not too far ...Eep!..."
"What if I hide?"
"Better to run quickly in the hole


..."I wonder If anyone is still there?
Let me just look a moment...
What if it is watching me and follows
me in this hole? Eep!"
"Better to go all the way to the other end

...then make a run for it to the
other hole....Eep!"

"Whew, that was a close one!"
"...I bet I could do it again...Eep!"

Gerard A. Geiger July 11, 2004

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