Godliness - Poem by Gerard Geiger

I do not believe in God.

I do not believe in a snowy bearded

Santa Claus spectral figure

who knows everything we think and do.

I do not believe in omnipotence without action.

I do not believe in omniscience without responsibility.

I do not believe in love without communication.

I do not believe in control through coercion or extortion.

I do not believe in an eternal retirement plan, based on a small period of On -The -Job training approx. 70-90 yrs out of infinity.

I do not believe any person is or has ever been born guilty of anything other than a free unfettered right to life.

I do not believe any religion has the right answer or the right question. I do not believe Priests, Shamans, Ministers, Soothsayers, Witchdoctors, Mullahs, Presidents, Popes, Caliphs, Sultans, Kings, CEO’s, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers , billionaires, or paupers have any special or secret knowledge of a supreme being or of an afterlife.

I do not believe in ancient mysteries revealed on scrolls.

I do believe I am ignorant in that one persons lifetime capacity for gaining experience and knowledge in this world is like the capacity of an atom when compared to a solar system.

I believe it is impossible to determine the depth and breadth of our ignorance about the most simple things that surround us.

I believe everyone has a right to be here and a right to make their life meaningful to their purpose without harming others.

I believe everyone and every living thing, seen and unseen, is connected.

I believe that living things have a common spirit, which may be experienced or inferred and shared, through existence, whether your existence has been for a minute or 100 years.

I believe this common spirit, community of being, continuum of existence, among living things...handed down through generations, via genetic code, constitutes the parts of a collective whole...which could be considered all that IS, among living things.

I believe that if all living things could somehow harness their energies to work together, in a physical or metaphysical sense, there is no limit to what they could accomplish.

The irony is that this collective power, which could be used for any purpose desired by the collective will, would of itself be a god-like quality.


Especially for someone who does not believe in God.

Gerard A. Geiger 24 Sep 2005

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