Gramps - Poem by Gerard Geiger
79 years young
and quite spry
sporting Lorne Greene sideburns 
always engaged in projects
at various stages of completion.

Never too busy to
discuss the flying habits
of a grasshopper, or to define
the meaning of an odd word.
Always willing to share his knowledge
experience and possessions to aid in achieving
A childs important goals.

Calm and collected
many times frustrated,
but never exasperated, always
calmly trying an alternate way
to achieve his goal, without
surrendering to haste for expediency.

As independent as flowing water
and as judgmental as a spring breeze,
passing time through various stages
of interaction with his environment,
interpreting his love of his surroundings
through the medium of his art.

Content to be himself and secure
in the path he has chosen
and the life he has led. 
Never disparaging others
and respecting the 
earth that surrounds him.  

Speculating on the vastness
of the heavens and intrigued 
by the mound building talents of the ant.
Inquiring about everything without 
questioning the veracity
of individual beliefs.  

Living with the magnanimous
belief in the equanimity of all 
as co-dwellers of the planet 
with absolute rights to their chosen activities, 
possessions, and beliefs, without
infringing on the space of their neighbors.

Not understanding reasons
for harming another living creature
or destroying a useable thing.

Gerard A. Geiger        10 May 2007
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