Host Writer - Poem by Gerard Geiger
Host Writer

Blithely writing in my loft
of noble deeds and heartfelt thoughts

What manner of man must I be,
of introspection and obscurity?

To whom are these words inscribed,
a help, a hindrance; to thwart or drive?

Why, with each stroke I ponder so;
concerned, correct, my right to know?

Obverse is also the right to share,
a need developed within this chair.

This need I fear, my own device;
to fuel the fire, an artifice.

A conundrum I cannot solve,
is it my conceit or my resolve?

Explore the world beyond these walls,
climb the peaks, roll over the falls,

nurture a love, inspire a friend,
speculate on what omens portend.

But one thing only matters most,
within these lines, be a gracious host.

Copyright September 2004 Gerard A Geiger

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