Remember You are Jerseymen - Poem by Gerard Geiger
A poem commissioned by the Hackettstown, N.J. Civil War Memorial Monument Committee to honor all soldiers who served in the War to preserve the Union. Monument replaced and rededicated Memorial Day, May 30, 2000.
Remember You are Jerseymen

I stand before you calm and serene,
my expression belies the horrors I've seen.

My coat of blue, now in bronze bereaved;
a patina of age I never achieved.

We find in life tempests to brave,
swords to clash and ideals to save.

I saw my duty to follow such light,
no matter the fury or how dark the night.

I stand as a guidon for Jerseymen fair,
protecting our Union from threats we share.

Though I stand a statue, a Jerseyman blue,
I was once a young man made of flesh like you.

No more verdant hills or streams will I roam,
to you I bequeath this land as your home.

Protect her and the children from tyrants and fools
and "Remember you are Jerseymen" where freedom rules.

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