My Take on Writing Competitions - Poem by Gerard Geiger
My Take on Writing Competitions

You dress up...put on some smell good...
slick back the old cowlick...
and go to the dance...
All the girls are standing in circles
like pioneer wagons at an Indian war party raid...

You fix your fly, tuck in your shirt
Go over to a circle...pick out the most suitable
partner....and inquire whether she would like
to dance with you....

she says "No, I have to get another soda."
or "I have to fix my hair."
or "you are a little short."
or "I don't dance fast dances."
or "I don't dance slow dances."
or "I'm waiting for my girlfriend who is
going to drive me home."...

..."But, ask me again maybe later, huh?"

"Yeah, right!"

I'm out the cost of the new shirt,
the cost of the ticket,
the anguish of selecting the least
offensive party with which
to make my play...
(a huge compromise to my budding pride)
and the cost of a top shelf bottle of smell-good...

"And you ask if I'm going to the dance??"

"Yeah, right!"

Gerard A. Geiger March 27, 2005

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