Not Being There - Poem by Gerard Geiger
Not Being There

Career progression has wound down.
Savings in real estate, stocks and bonds.
Daily news is secondary...
...There’s a new flavor at the coffee shoppe!

No more races to run.
No more hurdles to jump.
No more eight am meetings.
...No Slim Jim as a power lunch.

No busywork for a boss.
No explanations for being late.
No major projects to manage or brief a whitewashed room of skeptics.

No tying my neck in a noose.
No ironing buttoned down shirts.
No careful hanging of pleated pants avoid a fold crease.

No watching blurred reflections
in satin sheened black leather.
No cursing for broken laces
...or for stopping one exit away in traffic.

No modern morning cattle call.
No honking horns and
No smelling exhaust fumes.
...No cursing the eastern sun for rising brightly.

No plotting and planning
avenues to explore to squeeze
benefits at the expense of other
...corporations, businesses, workers, or citizens.

No emotionless phone calls home
to miss planned family appointments.
No childish babble to placate hurt feelings.
...No cursing the western sun for setting so slowly.

No forced and fraudulent smiles.
No laughing gregarious nods.
No attempts at mock sincerity
...when performing distasteful tasks.

Now left to think on my own,
spending time wasting time,
with no calls to answer and insightful business questions raised or aired.

Determining exactly what was so important
I wanted to do when I was eighteen...

...before there was a World to conquer...

Copyright © June 2004 Gerard A Geiger

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