Rachel's Marriage - Poem by Gerard Geiger
Rachel's Marriage

Five foot ten
blonde with blue orbs
twenty and six
German and Irish

Erect posture
deliberate of movement
gracious and forthright
open and friendly countenance.

Smiling with crisp
porcelain enamels
sure of herself and
comfortable in the lace which shrouds her.

Extending her hand to
accept the gold ring
offered as a symbol
of undying love and fidelity.

She accepts the symbol
and returns the favor
similarly lustrous, metallic
and indestructible.

Yet, to those who know her;
the gold pales
in comparison to her
ethereal translucent beauty,
and the metal is weaker than her resolve.

I am not the only one who witnesses
the physics of this union
her regal head nods approval to all
as she commits herself to her man.

He is the dominative victor,
humbly taking possession,
Together they walk on
facing the world, insurmountable, inseparable;

a human bridge, which cannot be eroded or compromised,
fashioned by two artisans in a filigree
of sensibilities more intricate than
watch works and more permanent
than marble.

Gerard A. Geiger (FOB) January 21, 2009

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