Search for Perfection - Poem by Gerard Geiger
Search for Perfection
We dare to dream.
We construct models in our mind.
We attempt to create machines
which run on  accepted principles,
controlled by irrefutable laws,
replicable by individuals or a team.

Parts meshing together seamlessly
operating as a cohesive whole
conducting labor saving work
with a minimum of effort,
achieving measurable gains which may
surpass the energy expended to achieve them.

From the work generated by their
directed action in performance 
of their common goal...the seed of which
has been planted firmly
nurtured and shepherded through
the honest apprehension of the one
unifying force of creative intellect,

the clear sighted vision of economy
of form, fit ,and function, created in
the sanctum of elegance and grace from
the mind of the Professional Engineer.

No one expends so much mental energy
to achieve so little savings.
When it comes to brain power,
the engineer is most proud to be
A pound foolish for a penny saved.

Proud because his answers address the
issues which affect every man, and he knows
whatever savings he may achieve
for six billion residents of the planet,
no matter how small, are savings multiplied
by six billion living creatures. 

Six billion who are bound
to repeat the experiment at least
once in their lives, which at a minimum
will double the savings six billion times.
The numbers have to work, which is why the
Engineer is so strident for being correct;

The future of the world is in the balance.
And how do you suppose we tip the scales?
I, personally, would side with the

Gerard A. Geiger		16 May 2007
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