The Loser - Poem by Gerard Geiger
The Loser

You have seen him everywhere in the shadow of your glory.
He is the forgotten hurdle of your fabled fame and noble story.

He is double the sweat and tears of all your advances and measures.
He is the keystone of sacrifice providing all the jewels for your treasures.

He is silent, strong and true; without complaint he performs at peak.
Without him your efforts would be hollow, your triumphs vague and weak.

Yet still he wishes and wonders and works hard to perfect his skill.
Destined, as the fodder of your dreams, his efforts appear to amount to nil.

You must think, somewhere when the trumpets stop, when no crowds are there to cheer;
somewhere in this great world lives the man you beat, who helped overcome your fear.

This being, though unheralded, is worth all the gold and laurels on the earth.
Because upon his sweat and battle-worn shoulders, rests the true measure of your worth.

Gerard A. Geiger September 20, 2005

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