PoetLife's Notebook of New (and Old) Ideas


1. Comedy. Cover letters which will never fly.
    Sweet and Low and infestation of Substitute Ants
    Things I really hate.
    The distorted physics of weight gain/loss
    The penance white collar employees pay for not  dropping out of High school
2. Why newspapers are obsolete.
    Why the automobile should be banished from the face of the planet.
    Why all education should be free.
    Why all medical care should be free.
    How The Federal Government gives the keys to the publishing industry to open only
those doors of communication which are profitable to themselves and promotes
proliferation of their own hackneyed ideas  concerning free speech and marketable
printing products.

3. Promotion of the Bison as the American Beef Substitute. 
    Mass transit for the masses...not just Amtrack
    Broad based taxes to pay for Broad based education funding reform covering elementary
through Baccalaurate Degree studies.

4. Creation of a United States Medical Corps....to train new physicians to accomplish intern
work in the poorest urban areas.   Provide enlistment in the corps and payment of college
expenses in return for active service agrreement and time in reserve service for treating
patients who are part of a block of retired teacher and/or civilservice members.

5. Open Letter to next president of the U.S. on selected topics of interest concerning the
future of America of the well being of americans.
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