Mother Corn - Poem by Gerard Geiger
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Mother Corn

Cylindrical rows of
golden cobblestones
nestled in receiving
blankets of husks.

Cradled and favored one
to a mother,
marching single file
in columns of tasseled stalks.

The annual graduating
class of maidens
with product for the world
to nourish the masses.

Cultivated by each
doting parent and
wrapped in whorled leaves
of protection,

each nurtures
her progeny
and dutifully sends
every cultivated charge

off with missionary
zeal to feed
the humble rabble
or to store its life force

ruminating in silos to
await the gnashing
jaws of life
to which it owes its fealty.

Providing food for the present,
seeds for the ages,
life for the future,
ensuring the cycle continues.

...Endlessly giving.

Gerard A. Geiger July 9, 2002

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