Whisper - Poem by Gerard Geiger
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Music roars at events we attend,
seas of sound engulf us without end.
Guests engage in their idle chatter,
conversation blends and doesn't matter.

Sound waves that ride the stormy seas
are silenced when you lean towards me
and Whisper that you love me one more time
Whisper that you love me: in love sublime.

No cannon thunders quite as loud
as a whisper from a lover proud.
Your whisper is an opera; a serenade,
singing of our love and plans we made.

Your breath is fresh upon my ear
when you whisper the love I hold so dear.
Please tell me then, soft and low,
tell me of the love I want to know.

Whisper of our dreams and our desire.
Whisper as we rage with loves pure fire.
Whisper that you'll always be the one,
who loves me till our loving days are done.

Gerard A. Geiger 22 September 95

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