Sentinel - Poem by Gerard Geiger

The clarions had sounded,
reverberating through the land.
The call was made to muster
for every able-bodied man.

From the hills and valleys,
from each hamlet and town,
poured the country’s champions;
young, still dressed in down.

All their adolescent dreams,
their wishes, loves and more...
were offered with their honor
at the altar of war.

They accepted the mantle,
the yoke of the free,
the obligation to preserve
their country’s liberty.

For this they fought the battles.
Some were wounded. Some died.
Each life was forever altered
by their refusal to hide.

To those silent sentinels,
the guardians of the night,
who insured our peaceful homes
and sheltered our children from fright.

We give our thanks and praise
for the sacrifice they bore,
and pledge always to remember
their gift of service in war.

Gerard A. Geiger March 23, 1996

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