Soft Iron - Poem by Gerard Geiger
Soft Iron

It's mined from every community
in every city and town.
It's in every organization
where the needs of men are found.

It's the elemental building block;
to shape, to mold, to serve.
A compound element of intelligence,
strength, and nerve.

It has the properties of being
strong and resolute.
Properties which increase with age
from an abundance in youth.

Soft Iron is the fiber from which
we weave the suit of Blue.
This diet, when in crisis, makes
a man wear hero's shoes.

Soft Iron is the steady strength
and the guiding hand
Of our street warriors who
protect this native land.

Most turbulent is the strife unheard
and the enemy unseen,
Most dangerous are the battles
where the enemy must first be screened.

Such warriors must be wise and just
and observe a selfless creed.
They sacrifice their safety
to protect all from criminal deeds.

This mission they graciously accept,
thanks and praise they receive with demure.
Impossible tasks they shoulder bravely
and smile, because that's what soft iron is for.

Gerard A. Geiger May 30, 2000

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