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  On the Retirement of a Co-worker - by G. A. Geiger
  Eulogy for my Father-in-law, Journal - by Gerard A. Geiger
  Things I Really Hate - Musings by Gerard Geiger
  Thoughts on Poetry - Musings by Gerard Geiger
  Thoughts on the Handicapped - Musings by Gerard Geiger
  Tom Blackthorne - Coverletter's that will not Fly
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  Remember You are Jerseymen - Poem carved onto granite Monument
  Substance - Poem
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  Adrift in Cyberspace - New Poem
  Blocked - New Poem
  Bridges - New Poem
  Dandelion - New Poem
  Eep! - New Poem
  Exemplar - New Poem
  Godliness - New Poem
  Gramps - Poem
  Host Writer - New Poem
  Impetus - New Poem
  Infatuation - New Poem
  Remember You are Jerseymen - Poem
  Lessons from the Olde Burial Ground - Poem
  My Take on Writing Competitions - New Poem
  Not Being There - New Poem
  Photons - New Poem
  Rise - New Poem
  Search for Perfection - Poem
  Solstice - New Poem
  Sports Fan - New Poem
  The Loser - New Poem
  The Sampler - New Poem
  Thoughtumns - New Poem
  Turnings - New Poem
  Winterage - New Poem
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  Chance of Love - Saint Valentine's day Poem
  Commencement - Mother's Day Poem
  Mother Corn - Mother's Day Poem
  The Source - Mother's Day Poem
  Whisper - Saint Valentine's day Poem
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  Bison (Ode to the American Buffalo) - Published Poem
  Honour - Published Poem
  Sentinel - Published Poem
  Soft Iron - Published Poem
  The Challenge - Published Poem
  The Diary - Published Poem

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